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    Wuxi Minghai Powder Technology Co., Ltd. conforms to ISO9001: 2008 management system standard.
    It professionally produces micro-powder equipment, ball milling equipment, mixing equipment, screening equipment,
    drying equipment and other series of products. Based on the principle of customer orientation and the objective of quality and honesty,
    we have won favorable feedback from lots of customers by means of professional dedication,
    advanced design concepts, reliable quality and perfect services and management
    ... ...
    Grinding Series
    Crusher is mainly used in the industry in the fineness of grinding operations, the role of the granular materials processing to the required diameter of the fineness of powder, in order to carry out subsequent treatment or as a product. Ultra micro mill is mainly used for the most of the industry's Micro grinding operation, it will be crushed after the operation of the material once again crushed to achieve the required material diameter, mainly used for the processing of raw materials for high-end products ... ...
    Drying Series
    A mechanical device that uses heat to reduce moisture in the material and is used in the drying of an object. A solid material which is provided with a specified moisture content by heating the moisture content of the material to escape... ...
    Mixing Series
    Mixing machine, is the use of mechanical force and gravity, two or more than two kinds of materials are uniformly mixed up the machinery and equipment. In the process of mixing, can also increase the material contact surface area, in order to promote chemical reactions... ...

    • ASY laboratory stirring ball mill

    • ASJ stirring ball mill

    • AXT stirring ball mill

    • AXT-S vertical elevation type stirring ball mill

    • V-shaped efficient batch mixer

    • W series of double-cone mixer

    • Y-shaped double-screw conical mixer

    • H-shaped mixer

    • WSG series of rotary vacuum dryer

    • ZKS series of vacuum feeder

    • Impulse type dust remover

    • ZS series of vibrating screen

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